We didn't become the industry leader overnight; it took hiring and developing passionate people like you to get to this point. See below for our current openings to be a part of the Raftelis team - we look forward to getting to know you.

  • Katya Doria-Campbell


    “ I have the freedom to cultivate my entrepreneurial spirit, enabling me to explore the intersection of my interests and work. I’m also encouraged to explore various avenues in different practices to deliver exceptional service to local governments. ”

  • Makenna Sturgeon


    “ Raftelis is special because of its people. I feel very lucky to have so many hardworking, kind and supportive role models and peers. ”

  • Jackson Harrell

    Associate Consultant

    “ As a young professional looking for a pathway to the consulting sphere, Raftelis has provided me ample opportunity to learn and grow. In my experience, Raftelis holds the skill and knowledge expected from prestigious firms without feeling artificial. ”